By Leonard Harrison

No One Likes Salesmen

Every organization that is a for profit sells something. But not all businesses see it that way. Thousands if not millions of dollars are invested in new equipment, new buildings and advertising their ventures or new ventures. But service organizations fall woefully short in my mind in emphasizing the investment that needs to be placed in their sales systems.

The reason for this, is many of these companies start out with a father, son, daughter or family member and never see themselves as sales professionals. They see themselves as plumbers, electricians, roofers, builders, or service providers.

They’ll live by the premise that “they hate salesmen”.  One once told me he’d rather see his IRS agent than a salesman.  I’m not sure how saleswomen escaped this same stereotype but good for them.

They’ll invest hours in new manuals, updated equipment, the next truck or vinyl to advertise on that truck. But never send their technicians to sales school which teaches the skills that has the biggest effect on the black and red of their budget. This makes no sense because techniques are easy to teach and learn that will improve their bottom line.

These systems can be made simply and duplicatable. What happens when a technician starts talking to a hectic business owner of a car dealership about their computer system but has no closing skills because of no training? We would like to believe product knowledge and rapport will get us in the door and keep us there. Rarely is that the case. As soon as we leave to sit and wait on that bid, the business is calling our competitors to see what they’ll do the same job for. That’s harsh but true more often than we’d like to think.

If your company is rolling like a well-oiled machine and sales doesn’t matter, good for you. But are you holding on your profit or giving away the house? Are you losing profit by not teaching your people how to build and hold that value? It’s a question you must answer.

What I want small business owners to understand is that teaching simple steps to your techs can train them into being a much bigger asset to your company. That increase in sales numbers can translate into higher pay for your them and you. The increased profitability can give your employees a greater wage, retirement and sense of job security. When they see you don’t have the skills to build value with clients on what you are providing them, they may realize your business may not be a long term stable solution. Their perception may become a future where your company may not be there. That isn’t a good feeling for an employee. Before becoming a business owner, If I thought a business was in big trouble, even I wasn’t going to wait to be the last one out the door. I started looking for my next employer. That sense of unease can spread rapidly within a small business. Without being extinguished, it can be the wildfire that closes your doors.

Stop giving away the bank. Search out someone, who can teach you and your staff a duplicatable system that will stabilize profit per job and increase the number of jobs sold.

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