RALEIGH, N.C. — January 25, 2018:  ProAxion© (www.proaxion.io), developing practical applications for technology by starting with the business need, is pleased to unveil its innovative TACTIX™ 24×7 predictive maintenance system.

TACTIX maximizes industrial uptime by drastically reducing the cost and simplifying the process of measuring, transmitting, and analyzing vibration and temperature data for remote monitoring of rotating machines.

“At its core, TACTIX helps manufacturers create more products in a shorter amount of time with fewer defects and unplanned machinery stops,” explained Justin Rothwell, CEO and co-founder of ProAxion.

Combined with total predictive maintenance techniques, TACTIX enables companies of any size (even small manufacturing operations under $1MM) to maximize up-time by decreasing equipment down-time, increase employee morale, decrease accidents, and reduce manufacturing costs while improving overall productivity and the quality of items produced.

While some sensor systems require additional hardware to integrate with a local network and require significant time and expertise to setup, the ProAxion TACTIX system is “plug & play” and does not require any customer integration, with setup to monitoring live data in literally just minutes.

Many vibration sensor systems produce raw vibration data which must be integrated with software to process and filter the data for meaningful analysis. Considering the cost of additional software analysis tools, and more importantly, the expertise required to set up and tune for meaningful alerts, the ProAxion TACTIX system produces instant value as all of this is built-in and live on installation.

There are other 3-axis sensors on the market, plus 2-axis and 1-axis. A key benefit with 3-axis sensors is that you can measure vibration from all directions with one sensor. 2-axis and 1-axis require multiple sensors to get the same level of data, and therefore drive up the cost of deployment. ProAxion’s TACTIX sensor measures 3-axis vibration.

TACTIX was specifically designed for the manufacturing environment. All materials, metals and plastics, were chosen to handle a wide range of chemical exposures and typical manufacturing cleaning methods (IP68).

ProAxion is actively developing products like TACTIX for the demanding environments of the industrial world using the latest in wireless sensor, cloud-based analytics and mobile communications technology. The company leverages extensive knowledge and expertise in predictive maintenance (PdM), using non-intrusive continuous monitoring to assess a machine asset’s condition. PdM can be “route-based” with scheduled measurement by operations staff OR accomplished via installed sensors, which is also known as Condition Monitoring. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is being driven by new developments in sensor and wireless technology.

ProAxion was recently selected as a Top Ten Startup at the 2017 North Carolina Technology Association’s NC Tech Awards, recognizing companies and individuals who have characterized excellence, innovation and leadership.

For more information visit www.proaxion.io or call 877-288-3177.

About Proaxion
ProAxion’s innovative products bring the benefits of data-driven operations and maintenance to the millions of machines that keep our society running and are helping to define the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). While that is useful jargon, we are dedicated to developing practical applications for technology by starting with the business need; not the other way around. Visit www.proaxion.io for more information.

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