Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time:  12:00PM

Location:  One Eleven Place/Raleigh Board of Realtors Building, 111 Realtors Way, Cary, NC

Topic:  Using LinkedIn As A Business Tool

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Overview:  LinkedIn has become much more than a career transition tool.  When used properly LinkedIn is a powerful business tool. In this webinar, we will explore who should be using LinkedIn as a business tool as well as the three activities you need to execute on LinkedIn to create real business value. Attendees of this webinar will be exposed to ideas and best practices which when adopted can provide the framework for using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Areas Covered in the Session?

  • Who should use LinkedIn as a business tool?
  • Discover the best practices of building a professional LinkedIn Profile.
  • Understand the best practices and tactics of growing a relevant LinkedIn Network
  • Explore and learn the best practices of building a professional reputation using LinkedIn.

This session will be live using Teddy’s Personal LinkedIn account. This will allow the attendees to see firsthand the benefits of building a professional presence, network and reputation using LinkedIn as a business tool.

Speaker BIO:  Teddy Burriss is a Certified Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and Keynote speaker. Teddy has been teaching the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn as a business tool for 10 years now and each year the best practices and tactics change as this business tool changes.  Teddy uses his experiences as a Dale Carnegie Graduate Coach, Sandler Sales Trained Professional, Practiced Toastmaster and accomplished author within his training and coaching programs. Teddy invests time each day experimenting with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other social media tools so he can then share with others and help them grow their business using social media as business tools.

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